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How Safe is buying from Littley?

All the products made at littley are sanitized and made while wearing mask and gloves. The packaging and label stickers are sanitized too.

Are all products made in India?

Each and every product is made and designed in India. All the raw materials used are manufactured in India. We support “Made In India”

How does the customization of products work?

We at Littley can customize according to your color or print choices. It will take upto 1 week based on what the product is. Just send your requirements on the company’s email id to start the process.

What is and how does Digital Illustration work?

Digital illustration is a digital sketch/portrait. The portrait will be sent via email or through courier if you want it pre framed. The sketch will be in highest quality which is suitable for printing.

Note: Only one change will be entertained after the final sketch.

What is the process for bulk order?

Littley accepts and entertains order in bulk through email, phone or directly at the head office. It will take 3-4 weeks depending on the product. This will work on half advance payment and half after the shipment.

Will Out of stock products be in stock?

Most of the products are one of a kind and cannot be produced in bulk, hence, they might not be repeated once a batch is sold out. A slightly similar product can be available on request. Few products like stationery and home accessories will be restocked without fail.

Where can I find about careers at Littley?

For internship/job enquiry, contact directly through email or wait for such vacancy updates on the
company’s instagram stories and posts.

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